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Episode 75: What’s In a (Last) Name?

What does a last name mean? Whose name changes, when and why? Do women define themselves in a name, or are they stepping into identity in another way? POWERWOMEN RETREAT: https://thepowerwomen.org/events/  

Episode 74: Ride or Die: The Story of PowerMom, Lora Lane

Join Claire and Brandi Jo as they welcome Lora Lane, a PowerMom with a tale of resilience and love. From blending families to long-distance romance, Lora shares her journey with candid humor. They discuss the importance of supportive friendships and reframing...

Episode 73: Turning ideas into money

How this PowerWoman and PowerMom, Kathleen Celmins, has changed the household roles, leveraged AI and now helps others move their Ideas into big businesses!  Kathleen’s Website: https://thewellpaidexpert.com/  POWERWOMEN WEBSITE: https://thepowerwomen.org/

May 1, 2023
Episode 61: Facts or Fake – Pelvic Health Specialists Tell it Like it is
Clare Brown interviews Dr. Beth Anne Travis and Dr. Bethany Blake, specialists and experts in all things female anatomy. They discuss everything from vaginal terminology to pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Their goal is to educate, inform, and normalize being open about female health issues. Be sure to follow them on their TikTok channel, @dont.kegel.chronicles, which has over 300K followers and 4.2M likes!