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Episode 60: Exploring the Natural State with Arkie Travels

Claire Brown interviews Sarah Heer of Arkie Travels about her work as a travel blogger and how she helps fellow Arkansans explore and enjoy their own backyard (and beyond); some of her favorite hidden gems in the Natural State; Arkie Travels' unique line of...

Episode 58: Sarah Gutierrez Talks Smart Money

Claire Brown interviews published author and the founder, partner, and CEO of Aptus Financial, Sarah Gutierrez, about how to grow personal wealth, smart ways to save for retirement, how to have conversations about money in a healthy way, and so much more!

Episode 57: The Powerwoman Behind AY Media

Claire Brown interviews Heather Baker, President and Publisher of AY Media Group. They discuss how great things can come from humble beginnings; the value of being a self-starter; and that we don't have to be "perfect" to enjoy tremendous success.

May 1, 2023
Episode 61: Facts or Fake – Pelvic Health Specialists Tell it Like it is
Clare Brown interviews Dr. Beth Anne Travis and Dr. Bethany Blake, specialists and experts in all things female anatomy. They discuss everything from vaginal terminology to pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Their goal is to educate, inform, and normalize being open about female health issues. Be sure to follow them on their TikTok channel, @dont.kegel.chronicles, which has over 300K followers and 4.2M likes!